Buzzing Bumblebees Preschool and Pre-Kindergaten Child Care Program
Ages 3-5 years

*This classroom is split among the two teachers based on age as well as their academic level based on their developmental skills

Little Scholar Preschool Program

Parkland Academy’s Little Scholar Preschool program provides children with group activities where they are encouraged to cooperate and interact with other children and their teachers.  While there is time for individual exploration, children in this early learning program work together on a variety of age appropriate skills. Your child will learn the fundamental academic skills associated with early childhood mathematics and literacy.

Preschool Program Curriculum:

Socialization: Children will learn the social skills in order to use the proper words to express their feelings with their friends.  Our program focuses on teaching children to follow and understand the rules of the classroom, sharing and taking turns with others, playing with peers appropriately, and using words to convey their emotions.

Academic skills:  Our reading and writing curriculum focuses on the identification of the 26 letters of the alphabet and the corresponding sound of each letter.  Your child will be taught the proper way to print each alphabet letter and begin to spell and print their name.  The mathematic component of the Little Scholar program reinforces the recognition of numbers through printing and counting objects.  The concepts of shapes, patterns, and money will be taught in this program.

We also provide before and after school care for busy working families.  Providing child care in a safe and secure environment that parents can feel comfortable with.



Young Einstein Pre-Kindergarten Program

The Young Einstein Pre-Kindergarten Program will prepare your child with the academic and socialization skills necessary for Kindergarten.  Our experienced teachers use a research-based curriculum designed to teach early literacy and mathematics skills.  In addition, your child will be provided with opportunities to learn American sign language and Spanish, complete art activities, sing and have fun learning and playing with friends.

Pre-K Curriculum

Socialization: Children will strengthen their social skills through focusing on appropriate social interactions, playing with friends and practicing self-discipline.  They will gain and develop responsibility by using their independence skills and decision making.  Communication skills are further developed through the use of questioning strategies during storytime and peer/teacher interactions.

Language Arts: Reinforcement and the identification of alphabet letters and letter sounds will be a daily focus throughout the curriculum activities and worksheets.  Children will learn the pre-reading concept of “blending” letter sounds to form words along with memorization of sight words. The children will also practice their letter printing skills.

Mathematics: Children will gain the knowledge of printing and identifying numbers, patterns, graphing, classifying objects, and counting with manipulatives and number charts.

Science: Children will use their critical thinking skills to conduct simple science experiments and begin to think like a scientist using the scientific method procedure.

The Arts: The Arts are key element in the learning process.  Your child will dance, sing, use musical instruments, and make art masterpieces that correlate with the weekly theme.

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