Parkland Academy
 Early Learning
        ~Building the Foundation for Life-long Learning~

Welcome to Parkland Academy of Early Learning!

 Parkland Academy of Early Learning offers a truly unique philosophy to child care and the early learning stages of children.  Our school is a warm and loving environment yet structured to educate and motivate your child to learn and explore the world around them.  The goal is to create a positive, proactive learning environment for your child to grow and develop at his or her own pace.  At Parkland Academy of Early Learning we create an atmosphere where children learn through structured research–based developmental curriculums designed to keep your child’s mind active and creative.  We like to think of our center as a safe and caring place where children develop emotionally and academically, while creating the foundation for life-long learning. Each child is a unique individual with their own pattern of growth and development.  At Parkland Academy of Early Learning we strive to be an important part of that development. We pride ourselves in communication between parent and staff to create a positive and productive learning environment for your child.  My staff and I hope that your family will enjoy being part of our family.



Jennifer Truckly, Owner


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